Friday, June 06, 2008

Time to Have Your Story Heard

Justin Roberts - Bright Becomes BlueJustin Roberts has been a family favorite since my kids' pre-school years. The great thing about him, though, is that despite the lyrical content, his music is far beyond pre-school nursery rhymes. Back in 1999, he gave the grown-up thing a go with an album for adults. It has since been out of print and very hard to find (I paid handsomely for my copy.)

Justin’s “grown-up” singer-songwriter cd from 1999, repackaged here in a digipak and re-mastered with a previously unreleased bonus track. This is a moving collection of late-night ballads framed by standup bass, organ, steel guitar, and horns.
He has re-released Bright Becomes Blue for your adult aural pleasure.

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