Thursday, June 19, 2008

So Much Cooler Than the Stupid Bands That Sing Their Stupid Songs About Love

X Levitation Cult - Happiness in HellDada's Joie Calio's new side-project X Levitation Cult has just released its debut album Happiness in Hell. Those of us who have been following Joie's solo music for awhile won't be surprised to hear - yet again - new versions of Habit Forming, Morning Sickness (the original demo was absolute killer!), and Stupid Songs About Love. Those three alone will make Happiness in Hell worth it, but I'm sure there are other gems on there as well.

More soon! Preview here. Download now!


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice. If you like DADA, Joie Calio, Candy Apple Black, or hell even Butterfly Jones will like this album. Hell, if you're a fan of power pop it's practically a must-have with its pedigree alone. Habit Forming is an awesome tune (resurrected from Candy Apple Black) as is Morning Sickness (resurrected from Candy Apple Black AND Complications of Glitter).

2poppy said...

It is solid all the way around. Actually, it's probably better than anything Dada has put out since its debut album. In a just world, Stupid Songs About Love would be a huge hit - might be a bit on the novelty side, but less so than say, FoW's Stacy's Mom. I appreciate the return of the rocking Morning Sickness rather than the mellower version on his solo album. This is a good album.