Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Settle Down Now

Sloan - Parallel PlaySome bands are so good and so prolific that it's easy to take for granted. Sloan is a perfect example. It's been years since I've spent quality time with this power pop mainstay out of Canada, eh, but every time I do it's time well spent. One Chord to Another was a favorite in my mid- to late-90s period when I was generally concerned about the overall state of good music.

Parallel Play, their ninth (!!) full-length studio album, was released just last week. Omaha's (and Lincoln's and Des Moines') Homer's Records is offering an MP3 of Not a Kid Anymore here. You can buy the album through Homer's online here. Or you can always take the lazy way out via iTunes here. Not ready yet? Read a review here.

MP3: Sloan - Not a Kid Anymore (via Homer's)

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