Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Is This Everything You Wanted to Be?

The Charlatans (UK) continue their resurgence with the release of The Best of BBC Session 1999-2006 on 7/14. It's probably a safe bet we US fans won't see a domestic release, but it's easy enough to get our hands on imports these days.


Disc 1
Mark Radcliffe - 15/10/99

A Man Needs To Be Told
Jo Whiley 19/11/2001

I Don’t Care Where You Live
My Beautiful Friend
The Blind Stagger
A House Is Not A Home
Shepherds Bush Empire 24/4/00

Love is the Key
I Just Can’t Get Over Losing You
A Man Needs to Be Told
Wake Up
You’re So Pretty, We’re So Pretty
Birmingham Academy 29/10/01

Disc 2
Feel The Pressure
Dead Love
High Up Your Tree
Mark Radcliffe 15/06/2004

Blackened Blue Eyes
City of the Dead
Janice Long: 19/04/2006

Blackened Blue Eyes
Jo Whiley 19/11/2001

NYC (There’s No Need To Stop)
For Your Entertainment
Tellin’ Stories
Feelin’ Holy
North Country Boy
Can’t Get Out Of Bed
One To Another
The Only One I Know
How High
Sproston Green
BBC Radio Wales In Concer 29/07/2006
That last half of Disc 2 looks particularly inviting for a fan like me who's been around since Some Friendly. Sweet.

By the way, the new album You Cross My Path is killer - a return to an earlier sound but decidedly modern.

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