Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fly Away from the Pain

It figures. I go out of town and that's when Matthew Sweet decides to put three new tunes from Sunshine Lies up on HisSpace. Check out Flying, Room to Rock, and Byrd Girl - the latter's retro sound I particularly enjoy. Thanks for the tip, Dan.

The album is out August 26, a nice way to wrap up the summer.

Official Site (now updated with new graphic!!! neato!!!)



Anonymous said...

Didn't care for it at all until I got to "Byrd Girl." That's very good.

I've never understood why he doesn't tone it down and stick to the jangle-pop sound of "Girlfriend."

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, 2poppy.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys. This is something you ALL need to check out:

There are previews for the whole album!