Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another Footnote to this Town

Judybats '00Popdose has a very interesting interview with Jeff Heiskell, former leader of the great 90s band the Judybats. It is full of fascinating nuggets of information detailing the demise of this band, such as:

So the breaking up of the band was due, I suppose, to a certain existential crisis on my part, one fueled by the influences of shitty people.
There were four guys in the line up, so there was enough dick as it was.
My rectum draws up tight like a little antique button.
Yep, Jeff is quite the poet, even in email interviews. The impetus of the interview was a a desire to learn more about the incredibly under-appreciated and virtually ignored 2000 release '00, which is not available anywhere.

Bravo to Popdose for getting the story and reminding me to dig out this surprisingly good album. And thanks for the heads up, Not Lame.

Official Site

And yes, he's still recording...

MP3: Heiskell - Love Like a Vampire Army of Robots Remix (via)

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