Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh We Can't Trade Places

80-35 FestivalWord on Des Moines' upcoming 80/35 Festival is even spreading to the too-hip-for-me depths of the tri-dubyas.

Named for the convergence of interstate highways that frames the west side of town, Des Moines, Iowa's inaugural 80/35 festival will bring together some of the nation's finest acts in the city's Western Gateway Park July 4-5.
Kind words from the regularly snarky folks at Pitchfork. Thank you for avoiding the typical Idaho-Ohio-South-Park's-decidedly-hilarious-"Des-Moines-is-two-years-behind-the-coolness-of-the-coasts" commentary that often accompanies coverage of us by those with national reach. With the recent additions of Andrew Bird and others to the already-announced Flaming Lips and the like hitting the flabby midsection of this great land on July 4-5, 80/35 is indeed shaping up to be quite a cool event by any standard.


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