Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pleasure Is Mine


Sorry, but this is worthy of yelling. Matthew Sweet has FINALLY released details about his new album Sunshine Lies:

“When it rocks, it rocks hard with lots of attitude,” Sweet told CMJ, speaking about the upcoming album. “Then again, it's really very melodic overall, with plenty of dreamy jangling psychedelic poppiness.”
Ah, poppiness - sweet sweet poppiness.

The album will be released July 22 on Shout! Factory. Quite honestly, that is just too damn long to wait. In the meantime, you can preview the new song Badass at HisSpace, which has been there for a long time (and rumors of a new album even longer.)
Sunshine Lies tracklisting:
1. Byrdgirl

2. Flying

3. Feel Fear

4. Sunrise Eyes

5. Sunshine Lies

6. Badass

7. Daisychain

8. Stick It

9. Meltdown

10. Back Of My Mind

11. Burn Through Love

12. Pleasure Is Mine

13. Time Machine

14. Let's Love

15. When You're Gone

16. Could You Need Me?
I have no doubt that this will make my summer! Swoon!

Yes, I just swooned.
The vibrant Sunshine Lies will certainly revolve in your mind long after each listening.

UPDATE: Warren just noticed a difference in the tracklisting above and the Paste article I originally linked it to. Paste's tracklisting is below. The above tracklist is from the CMJ article (I've since fixed the link.) I prefer 16 songs over 13 so I guess we'll have to wait from Mr. Sweet to clarify.
Sunshine Lies tracklisting:
1. Time Machine
2. Room To Rock
3. Byrdgirl
4. Flying
5. Feel Fear
6. Let’s Love
7. Sunshine Lies
8. Pleasure Is Mine
9. Daisychain
10. Sunrise Eyes
11. Around You Now
12. Burn Through Love
13. Back Of My Mind


Anonymous said...

I think i am going to cry I'm so happy.

Anonymous said...

Now I must wait for Matthew and the U2 remasters to come out on the same day, in late July???

Oh well, cool. Thanks for the info!

(I've favorited your site ever since our "interaction" over the teasing info he gave me back in March of '07--informative site!)

Warren/anonymous from Phx/cosanti

Anonymous said...


Just clicked the link on the tracklisting, and Paste has a different tracklisting!



Anonymous said... says the release date of Sunshine Lies is August 26, and so does the headline of that Shout!Factory press release (although the article still says July 22).

This is one sick running gag, and I think I'm gonna throw up.