Friday, April 25, 2008

Let's Stay in Bed, Baby

From Bubblegum to Sky - A Soft KillOn 6/3, From Bubblegum to Sky releases (digitally and vinylly) their (his) third full-length album called A Soft Kill. FBTS = Mario Hernandez and he has some issues:

A Soft Kill brings to mind the concept of the vices people use to kill themselves slowly. Not a murder, but a soft kill. Feelings we’ve all felt are wrapped in pristine pop melodies, sandpaper-y guitars and a vocal style dictated by the radio programs of second generation pop songs and high voiced singers that Hernandez listened to before departing Japan for America at the age of 12.
Right. Well, at least it sounds cheery. Check out the MP3 below and see if you agree with me and hear his vocal resemblance to Sean Lennon.


MP3: Bubblegum to Sky - Even the Sunbeams (via Fanatic)

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