Monday, April 21, 2008

I Can See It In Your Eyes

Shake Some Action! - Sunny Days AheadAfter getting my first dose of sunburn this season, it seems apropos to tell you about Shake Some Action!'s upcoming album Sunny Days Ahead. In Des Moines, we've been up to our gills in rain so I hope they're right.

Of course, I need the sun right now, not in mid-June when the album will be released. Nonetheless, here is a mild dose of the good stuff on an otherwise quite nice Monday morning: an MP3 of Looking for Someone. Damned if they don't sound like an Americanized La's.

Their previous self-titled album is available at iTunes and Not Lame, naturally. Not Lame keeps comparing it to Matthew Sweet so I may just have to explore SSA! a bit more.

Official Site

MP3: Shake Some Action! - Looking for Someone

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