Friday, March 28, 2008

The Quickening

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Catnip DynamiteHow terribly rude - such inessential matters such as work, children with pneumonia, and family visits over just the past few weeks forced me to neglect the Japan-only release of Roger Joseph Manning Jr.'s new album Catnip Dynamite.

It is neglected no more.

Yes, disappointingly it is only available in Japan or through this fancy new thing called the Interwebs. The price surely ain't right (Amazon, seriously, $50+?!?), but the good people on ManningSpace, Inc. told us a little secret - you can find it relatively cheap (for an import) at (2300 yen = $20-something). To save on shipping, it's going to take something like 2 years to get to me, but I'll let you know how it is.

UpdateIt is also available through Not Lame for pre-order for $36. Better than $50. It is due at Not Lame by the first week in April so it will ship faster than the Japan site. Too bad I already ordered mine from Japan. I should have known Not Lame would come through.


Anonymous said...

Man, I can't believe I missed this. I too ordered from that site and should receive my copy by the time the US version comes out.

2poppy said...

If it comes out - we're still waiting on that US version of Jason Falkner's new album that was supposed to be out last summer.