Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You Think There's Not a Lot Going On

It's time to admit a guilty pleasure. Yes, I watch Corner Gas on WGN. Sigh. I'm not happy to admit it. It's a completely innocuous Canadian sitcom that is amusing sometimes and corny most of the time. As one reviewer put it: it's the fall's "best, least objectionable comedy series." What can I say, it comes after Scrubs and it helps me fall asleep.

Northey ValenzuelaSo all day today, the theme song has been running through my head ("You think there's not a lot going on? Look closer, baby, you're so wrong.") It is a delightfully catchy and punchy few seconds of pure power pop. It's good enough to be something authentic and not some tossed-off theme song, right?

Right. And come to find out, it's from a whole album (released almost two years ago) of supposedly similar tunes, which, from the looks of it, leans a bit toward roots rock. Northey Valenzuela is responsible for the joy, and if you're familiar with the Odds and Gin Blossoms, then you know these guys. Craig Northey made some stellar music with his Canadian band the Odds, while Jesse Valenzuela is the source of some of the goodness that came from Gin Blossoms. They decided to get together and make their own album, which is readily unavailable! Well, you can get it used or as an import from, or you can always check eBay, which is where I'm going to get my copy.

I'll let you know how it is as a whole, but in the meantime, you can listen to the theme song to Corner Gas right here (lower right of your screen), and you can watch it after Scrubs on WGN.

Ain't it great when you find a gem where you least expect it? Look closer, baby...

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Visit Jesse Valenzuela's website here.

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Anonymous said...

corner gas is amazing. i'm almost through the whole series, total time, 2 weeks. can't stop watching it.