Monday, January 21, 2008

There's So Little Else Occupying My Head

Kaiser Chiefs - Yours Truly, Angry MobA recent purchase for the family (I have received no joy or happiness from this purchase) was Guitar Hero III for the Wii. Of course, it's as fun as everybody says it is. But the one thing I wasn't prepared for was for it to influence my music purchases. I just downloaded Kaiser Chiefs after disregarding the overwhelming coverage on other, much cooler blogs, which, I admit, is ironically too often a turn-off for me. Nevertheless, after "purchasing" the privilege to "perform" Ruby on GHIII, I have to say I was hooked and intrigued. Way2Poppy's comment to me off-line that one song sounded like Grapes of Wrath piqued my interest as well.

So after one listen, I have to say I quite enjoyed it. Although the Grapes of Wrath sound was isolated to one song (as far as I could tell) and Ruby was easily the hookiest tune, the album is otherwise full of catchy britpop tunes that remind me quite a bit of Blur pre-Song 2 (sorry, W2P.) Of course the similarities to the Jam are not lost on me either, but Blur is more of "my generation."

Anyway, NME reports that Kaiser Chiefs are already working to release new material this year. According to drummer Nick Hodgson:

“We want to break the routine of having to make an album every two years. It’s totally boring,” he continued. “In the charts there are tons of indie bands playing chords and singing songs about the weekend. We’re going to be doing the opposite and being the best.”
Man, I "over-quoted" a bit in this post, eh?

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Anonymous said...

BLUR SUCKS! When will you wake up and realize it!!