Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm On My Way

WiselyNot Lame continues living up to its name by offering the new self-titled Wisely album nearly a month before it's released!

BRAND NEW 2008 release!! IN STOCK AND SHIPPING NOW!! Due for release on January 15th, but we have it early for you all to ship right here in the present
And, in your best Popeil voice, "but wait, there's more"...
orders until January 15th, 2008 will ship with a 2-song CD-R (no download link!) of two unreleased songs from Willie, exclusive to Not Lame. They are: "Automaton" (unreleased). NOTE FROM WILLIE: "Pardon me if it sounds like I'm "Goin' Mobile" from The Who." "Complicated Friend" (written for the Turbosherbet album in 1997) NOTE FROM WILLIE: "I rewrote some lyrics , shortened it. Always thought this song shoulda gotten more love from people - maybe now with this new clarity."
Happy happy, y'all.

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