Monday, November 19, 2007

He Had a Way, a Little Way, a Way With Words

The Heart Strings Try Fly Blew SkySomewhere between Pepperland and Wonka's Chocolate Factory, The Heart Strings are emerging from syrupy depths to deliver some sweet tunes on their new-and-yet-to-be-officially-released album Try Fly Blue Sky. The London band blends Brian Wilson-friendly soundscapes and Flaming Lipsy neo-psychedelia with otherworldly harmonies that evoke the 80s glory of Freiheit (surely you remember Keeping the Dream Alive) and melodies worthy of Fountains of Wayne fans.

If you're willing to give a bit on lyrics ("in an apron, frying bacon" and "all the moustache wax in the world won't save me") and on the sheer lack of testosterone, Try Fly Blue Sky fits neatly with Mates of State and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. in your collection. It's a delicious listen that will no doubt take you to a world of pure imagination, just don't forget your toothbrush and insulin.

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