Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open Up, Let Me Out, Please

It is an absolute thrill to hear a band at its creative peak. Revisit The Beatles' Revolver, World Party's Goodbye Jumbo, or Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend to understand. Listening to matt pond PA's Last Light for a third time, I can't help but conclude that Mr. Pond and company have it all working for them.

The first time through, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of music (20 songs and a clean version of Sunlight). Past mpPA albums I think fell into that every-song-sounds-the-same trap, and with 20 new songs, I had similar concerns. The second time through, I started feeling that this was something special. I usually wait until the second or third listen to rate each song on my iPod. I found myself consistently giving each song 4 stars - with several having potential for the 5-star-all-time-classic rating. The third time through, I was motivated to post.

I can't help but relish in the flourishes that remind me of the best moments of the Beatles' middle years, the atmospherics of a great Cure tune, or the honesty of Elliott Smith's lyricism. Basement Parties, Giving It All Away Tonight, Sunlight - truly outstanding songs made even better in the context of a great album. Yes, indeed, great albums are still being made and you're foolish to ignore them. This is one you'd be foolish to ignore anyway.

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