Tuesday, October 02, 2007

No Need to Be Sad

Evidently Hear Music is releasing a new deluxe version of Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full that features three "previously unreleased" tunes and a DVD with five live tunes and the videos for the two singles from the album. If memory serves (no pun intended), the three tunes on the CD were already released on the original deluxe version, which makes the DVD the only new piece to this. Damn stupid. At the very least they should release the DVD independent of the CD so I don't have to buy the whole damn thing again, which I won't do. Even new record labels act like old ones.

Of note in the Billboard article, though, is Liverpool the Musical on January 12, where Ringo will perform with, among others, Echo & the Bunnymen and Ian Broudie. So Broudie is re-emerging? Any chance of a new Lightning Seeds album?

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