Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Drawn by the Promise of the Women and the Lace

World Party Best in ShowI realize some people are big fans of greatest hits collection, and for some artists, that's all I might need. But World Party?!?

World Party has released Best in Show today, their first compilation of "hits." Now, really, if you want an introduction to World Party, you better buy Goodbye Jumbo, which has been one of my two or three favorite albums for over 15 years now! But if you just want Ship of Fools, Is It Like Today?, a couple tracks from recent albums, and over half of Goodbye Jumbo (I told you it was good), then Best in Show, I guess, is for you. I have to admit, this would make a great holiday present for the uninitiated.

Still, if that's all you know of World Party, you're missing everything!


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