Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Peaceful Quiet You Create For Me

Dan Wilson Free Life EPAs previously reported, Dan Wilson (of Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare) has a solo album coming out October 16 called Free Life. To get you juiced, he's released the Free Life EP via iTunes complete with three tunes: Cry, Easy Silence (previously available Dixie Chicks-style on their album), and All Kinds. It's emotional, sentimental, mellow, adult, singer-songwritery stuff so be prepared. It's also quite good.

Free Life tracklist:

1. All Kinds
2. Free Life

3. Breathless

4. Baby Doll

5. Come Home Angel

6. Sugar

7. Cry

8. Golden Girl

9. Against History

10. Honey Please

11. She Can’t Help Me

12. Hand On My Heart

13. Easy Silence

Why did DW add this song to the album? "Of all the songs the Chicks and I wrote together," he said, "'Easy Silence' felt the most universal to me and also seemed like the one that I related to most personally. I thought it would be interesting to hear what the song would sound like from a man's perspective. Plus, I wanted an excuse to play more slide guitar on the album."

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