Monday, August 27, 2007

Is That Love in the Air?

Meet the Missus The Heartbreak Kid is Ben Stiller's new movie about getting hitched and realizing the proverbial ol' ball and chain is even worse than that. Yeah, I won't see it either, but the soundtrack is not half bad. Two new Flaming Lips tunes, a Matthew Sweet appearance, World Party's classic Put the Message in the Box (!!), and a few other decent tunes (tracklist below).

01 The Flaming Lips: "The Horny Frog"
02 David Bowie: "Ashes to Ashes"
03 Buva: "She Makes Me Fall Down"
04 World Party: "Put the Message in the Box"
05 John Alagia: "Honey Come Home"
06 The Weepies: "Painting by Chagall"
07 Brian Hyland: "Gypsy Woman"
08 Amy LeVere: "Take Em or Leave Em"
09 Buva: "First Cut Is the Deepest"
10 Julieta Venegas: "Canciones de Amor"
11 The Flaming Lips: "Maybe I'm Not the One"
12 Ozomatli: "After Party"
13 Mathew Sweet/Susanna Hoffs: "Different Drum"
14 David Bowie: "Suffragette City"
Soundtrack is out 10/2 right before the movie hits theaters for its inexplicably bloated $40MM+ opening weekend on 10/5. Watch the trailer here for all the slapshit action.

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