Friday, August 17, 2007

Die Tuff

Plenty of Bleu news to report:

  • Two new literally-named EPs are now available online.
    • The Blizzard of 05 was written, well, two years ago during a blizzard: "most of it was recorded in the two weeks surrounding that legendary storm, and it was done almost entirely live in the a result, i think it's one of the most cohesive works i've been a part of." More here. Download here.
    • Birthday Songs is a little collection of, well, birthday songs Bleu has written for friends: "they were all written, recorded and mixed in 24 hours (or less)...sometimes it shows (hA!), but some of them are really fun." Download here.
  • His hair metal band LoudLion has a few songs on the upcoming Balls of Fury Soundtrack. Download LoudLion here or here.
  • The Major Labels record is finished.
    • "for those of you with short memories, TML is the band i started with Mike Viola and Ducky Carlisle (now Rock Jetstream)...making this album was easily one of the most rewarding musical experiences i've ever had...and i genuinely can't wait to get it out there and start bringing the music to the people (slash/melting-faces)...this project is really close to my heart...stay tuned."

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