Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We've Got Nothing in Common

Just in case you're begging for punishment, Deep Blue Something is playing People's Court in Des Moines tonight.

I saw them at the somewhat legendary People's Bar & Grill in Ames (now closed) when Breakfast at Tiffany's was hitting big. It was the most atrocious show I've ever seen (not counting opening acts - Musico anyone?) and the only show I've ever walked out of early. We stayed until the hit was played mercifully in the middle of the set. I'm pretty sure we weren't the only ones who left at that time. DBS's music is something I would probably like normally, but they were such idiots in concert that I can't listen to them with a straight face anymore, even though I especially like(d) BaT. The epitome of the assitude came when lead singer whatshisname said, in all seriousness, "It's a fucking rock concert, dude," while lifting his devil horns over his head and sticking out his tongue ala Gene Simmons. If it was an ironic gesture, it was lost in the delivery. Our clear impression was that they thought, based on the success of one single, they were the next U2. They weren't, and aren't.

So, there's history there. I will not be seeing them tonight and was surprised to find out they were even still around. More power to them and best of luck, but you lost one potential fan for good over a decade ago.

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