Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There's No Time To Resist

Ride NowhereRide's Nowhere has officially been on my personal wish list for 17 years now. Ridiculous. The AV Club features it in today's Permanent Records feature. This may be the boost I've been looking for to actually pick it up! I love the "pigeonhole" genre of shoegazing, but only when done very well (think My Bloody Valentine and Chapterhouse). The juxtaposition of drowning noise with pop melody is quite appealing.

Related: "Bloody nonsense. My Bloody Valentine were my comedy band." Right. Speaking of the new wave of shoegazers, I just picked up Maps, and it's already been a nice surprise just a few songs into it. I may have more on it the deeper in I get. Speaking of, Currently Too Popping is Miracle Fortress Five Roses, RIYL the above. For Des Moines area readers, I just saw a $.99 promo copy of the full album at Homer's yesterday (where I bought my $.99 promo copy of Maps)!

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