Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That's What You Get When You Live in a Small World

News to me. Andy Sturmer (he of Jellyfish - uh, you should know that) is credited with vocals on Rooney's new CD Calling the World. Normally his are quite recognizable but they slipped by me. From the Andy Sturmer email group, Taylor from Rooney responds:

im in rooney. he sang some background vocals on track 3, "i should have been after you". he initially did tons of jfish style bgv's. we edited and used a couple of lines. in the future we'll have to release a version, with all of andy's vocals in, and turned up loud. rooney/jfish mashup!!
Despite the jokey undertones of his suggestion, i would find a "rooney/jfish mashup" quite pleasurable. And Sturmer should be leading his own damn band, not doing backups for others. We'll take what we can get.

I will now go listen to I Should Have Been After You. Goodbye.

UPDATE: Wow, that tune is very Jellyfishy. Can' t believe I didn't really notice it the first few times I heard it. Still, couldn't isolate Sturmer from everybody else. Bummer.

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