Monday, July 16, 2007

I Will Sell My Soul for Something Pure and True

A bunch of garbage:

Absolute GarbageThe new Garbage compilation is called Absolute Garbage and it's out tomorrow July 24. It features a new tune called Tell Me Where It Hurts. As drummer Butch Vig describes it, the collection of Garbage greats "is the postscript to chapter one." I like the sounds of chapter two even better:

More Neil Young 'Tonight's the Night' meets Leonard Cohen meets Mazzy Star -- druggy, bummer music. Not necessarily druggy, but melancholy and bittersweet ... my favorite songs are stuff like that -- 'Milk' and 'Queer' and 'You Look So Fine' and 'Bleed Like Me,' the slow and sultry stuff ... It'll probably be commercial suicide, but the music business is so f*cked up now, maybe it'll be the most inaccessible record of our career and we'll have it be the biggest hit. (source)
Vig is talking about a new album that Garbage hopes to start working on at least a year from now after Shirley Manson releases her debut solo album early next year. To me, it would be a smashing success if it all sounded like #1 Crush.

MP3: Garbage - Tell Me Where It Hurts (scroll down via Zeon's)
Video: Garbage - Tell Me Where It Hurts (via YouTube)

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