Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hey Venus!

Super Furry Animals Hey Venus!Only on Too Poppy can we jump from Led Zep to shoegazers to The Eagles to Super Furry Animals all in one day. NME is reporting that SFA's Hey Venus! will be released in the US digitally and vinyly on 8/28. You'll wait until January to get your hands on that 5" plastic, though (if you really must have it, you can pick up the import from Amazon.com on 9/3). A North American tour will accompany the release. Spiffy.


'The Gateway Song' 'Run-Away' 'Show Your Hand' 'The Gift That Keeps Giving' 'Neo Consumer' 'Into The Night' 'Baby Ate My Eightball' 'Carbon Dating' 'Suckers' 'Battersey Odyssey' 'Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon'
MP3: Super Furry Animals - Show Your Hand (via The Modern Music)

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