Monday, July 16, 2007


Yesterday, I finally went to the new Homer's in Des Moines Urbandale (one of the best cities to live in, by the way). Well, I'm happy disappointed to report that it's a record store. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, and I wish being a record store meant something nowadays, but I was standing in there choking on the patchouli wondering what this place offered that I couldn't get anywhere else. Sure, the independent spirit is important. I'm all for that. I also like supporting local (but does a Nebraska record store with a local location count?) But at the end of the day, I want something out of it. I didn't see anything too special that I couldn't find elsewhere - at least - online. Even Zzz Records with its limited selection has atmosphere at least. And the location just sucks. Out in a strip mall in the burbs. C'mon. Zzz Records is in the rich-with-atmosphere East Village. Why couldn't Homer's locate itself in the Gateway West area of downtown, or the Drake neighborhood, or hell, even my home neighborhood of Beaverdale.

Simpsons Movie SoundtrackBut, I spent literally 5 minutes in there. For a truly worthwhile record shopping experience, it should be at least half an hour. So I should shut up. I was going to use this post as a premise to write about the new Simpsons movie soundtrack (how? I forgot), but I'll either do that in another post or just tell you now that you can buy it in a limited edition donut - ah, maybe because that's the type of special packaging that you can "experience" at a record store or some dumb shit like that or the Homer d'oh connection - yep, I'm a dumbass.

Hey, Homer's, thanks for coming to our town. Forgive my knee-jerk first impressions.


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