Friday, June 01, 2007

Summer Waits in the Leaves

A perfect summer day of music in 2007 (so far):
Wake up to Jason Falkner's solo career highlight I'm Ok ... You're Ok (so far only available in Japan.)
Pump up your late morning with Fountains of Wayne Traffic and Weather.
Keep the pace going with what's shaping up to be a creative peak for Paul McCartney, Memory Almost Full.
God Save The ClienteleWind down on a late, lazy summer afternoon with God Save The Clientele.
Fall asleep to Air's Pocket Symphony.
Note the lack of night party music. Um, yeah, I'm 33 and married with children. My party music is Justin Roberts.

Just picked up God Save The Clientele. What a great listen. Plenty of warmth and lush harmonies that evoke late 60s British invasion, 70s AM radio, the best of the Monkees, a dash of Peter & Gordon, the modern sensibilities of Elliott Smith, the songwriting strength of solo George Harrison, and dareisay a Beatley and Byrdsian vibe throughout.

MP3: The Clientele - Here Comes the Phantom and Bookshop Casanova (via Moroccan Role - scroll down)

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