Monday, June 11, 2007

It Hangs in the Air Like a School Cheer

New PornographersYou can always count on a classic indie label to get creative with a new release in a digital world. Rather than bitch and moan about piracy and pull some bullshit knee-jerk DRM crap, Matador is embracing rabid fans' desire to hear it all before official release. The label has introduced Buy Early Get Now for the new New Pornographers Challengers album out officially 8/21. Buy the standard version now for $15ish and you can stream the entire thing now plus a few unreleased MP3s and other random goodies. Even better, buy the executive version for $19ish and get four discs worth of the pure joy that the New Pornos can provide.

The Executive Edition is for the completists because every b-side, every demo, every alternate mix, every video, and every photo associated with the release of 'Challengers' will eventually be made available for download.
Kudos for creativity. Read more at Pitchfork and here, and download the new and brilliant Mey Versus, which was my strange attempt at typing My Rights Versus Yours.

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