Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Just Want Peace of Mind

Julian LennonIt's been nearly a decade (!!) since Julian Lennon released his excellent underrated Photograph Smile, an album on which he finally embraced his melodic Beatley chops to full effect. It appears he's finally readying the follow-up album that will hopefully be released sometime later this year. You can sample a few new tracks on hisspace. If you've followed his career at all, you'll appreciate what you hear. They sound like the next natural steps after Photograph Smile. Enjoy, and let's hope it doesn't take another ten years for new music from Jules.

So what has he been doing? Evidently he's been dabbling in documentary film-making with WhaleDreamers and winning awards for his efforts! Are you a fan of the message behind Lennon's hit Saltwater? Seems like you'll enjoy this production of his then as well as a new version of the song at hisspace.

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