Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Be Happy, Truly Happy

Jon Auer Songs From The Year Of Our DemiseJon Auer has announced some upcoming shows. Awesome! He's coming to Des Moines! Wow, I'm really quite surprised he's coming here. Not often he gets out anywhere, and then he chooses Des Moines!

Oh, sorry. Read that wrong. He's actually going to Yokohama, Japan. You can understand my confusion.

Also in Japanerrific news, Auer is releasing Songs From the Year of Our Demise with six extra bonus tracks only available across the Pacific. Considering Demise is easily my favorite album in the past two years, I might have to spend $40 or so for six songs. Or not.

“Instrumental from the Year of Our Demise”
“One Way Street” (band version)

“Twice Tried Advice”

“The Sun Also Sets”

“Dead Summer” (demo)

“I’d Light a Candle” (demo)

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