Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tell Us What It's All About

Matthew Sweet has emerged out of nowhere on the Nancy Drew Soundtrack. WTF?! Nancy Drew?! Supposedly it's a "newly recorded original exclusive" track featuring Susanna Hoffs, but the tracklist shows Come to California, which most certainly is not new, original, exclusive, or featuring Hoffs. I suppose he could've redone it, but why the hell for? It's not one of his best, even on my least favorite Blue Sky On Mars. Sigh.

And where the hell is Rock Bottom?!? I'm starting to become impatient. Fall 2006 / Spring 2007 my ass!

UPDATE: Now that I listen to it, it's clear that it has been re-recorded. Odd. Just odd.

Watch a video of Matthew and Susanna singing The Beatles' Rain here.


Anonymous said...

Not that I'm one to talk, or call the kettle black, but man, he's gained some serious weight!

Anonymous said...

According to Matthew Sweet in a chance encounter, the preview on his myspace page was a joke that his manager took seriously and posted.

I met Mr. Sweet in March at work and he said September of this year was a safe bet for "Rock Bottom"'s release. But it'll probably have a different title...