Monday, April 02, 2007

Maybe the Sun Will Shine Today

Today is a special day. Not only is it opening day for the Cubbies championship season, it is a special preview day for Wilco's new album Sky Blue Sky Blue Sky Blue Sky. Stream the whole album here all day long. Sky Blue Sky is not out until May 15 so now is your chance. If you likey, you can pre-order it from Amazon. Me likey.

Also, news from Wilco:

we've just decided to release a "deluxe version" of SBS which will include a DVD feature film by our good friends and cohorts Brendan Canty and Christoph Green (Sunken Treasure, Burn to Shine). Over the last year or so they've been filming rehearsals, interviews about the record, behind the scenes stuff, etc. and have put together a 48 minute film we're calling "Shake it Off' that we're confident you're gonna dig.
Pre-order this special version here.

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