Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's True I'm Missing You

Crowded House releases its *NEW* album, Time on Earth, on July 10. Big day. Former Smiths/current Modest Mouse guitarist Johnny Marr guests on a couple of tracks. Tracklist:

"Nobody Wants To"
"Don't Stop Now"
"She Called Up"
"Say That Again"
"Pour Le Monde"
"Even a Child"
"Heaven That I'm Making"
"Silent House"
"English Trees"
"Walked Her Way Down"
"Transit Lounge"
"You Are the One To Make Me Cry"
"A Sigh"
"People Are Like Suns"
For those in the know, Silent House is the same Silent House that appeared on the Dixie Chicks' most recent album. It was written by Neil Finn and the Chicks.

I'm not one to rush my summer, but it's going to be grand!


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