Friday, March 02, 2007

With All the Bells and Whistles

Palms & Runes is the new best-of compilation from Michael Penn now due in stores April 17.

According to Spencer at the Pennlist, "The new versions are significantly different from the originals - Lucky One loses the Ronnie Spector treatment, Bunker Hill and Cupid are entirely reimagined - and one of my favorite songs, Try, sounds similar, but a bit more rocking and raw than the original. The rest of the CD, especially March era recordings, sound better and more vibrant after getting the re-mastering treatment."
Sounds like it might be worth it, even for those of us with every one of his releases. Tracklist:
  1. Lucky One (Version One) (Previously Unreleased)
  2. Bunker Hill (New Version) (Previously Unreleased)
  3. Out Of My Hands
  4. Cupid's Got A Brand New Gun (New Version) (Previously Unreleased)
  5. Coal
  6. Try (Alt. Vers.) (Previously Unreleased)
  7. No Myth
  8. Barely A Sound (Instrumental) (Previously Unreleased)
  9. Don't Let Me Go
  10. All That That Implies
  11. Whole Truth
  12. Brave New World
  13. Me Around (Demo) (Previously Unreleased)
  14. Long Way Down (Look What The Cat Drug In) (New Version) (Previously Unreleased)
  15. Macy Day Parade
  16. Figment
  17. Bucket Brigade
  18. I Can Tell
  19. Walter Reed
  20. Opening (From The Film, Melvin Goes To Dinner) (Previously Unreleased)
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