Friday, March 16, 2007

Love Will Break Your Heart

Loud LionDef Leppard lives!!!

Ok, I suppose they do, but what I mean really is that Def Leppard lives - in spirit! Bleu, one of the masterminds behind the ELO homage LEO has now turned his attention to Loud Lion, an homage to the band with the drummer with only one arm and all the other hair metal bands that were never as good. Loud Lion includes John Fields, a guy from Rooney, a gal from the Donnas, Andrew WK, and a drummer with only one leg. Yeah, kinda weird.

It's certainly righteous ... righteous after a few Sierra Nevada Pale Ales that is. I don't think I could buy this in my right mind, but listening to the tunes on theirspace is quite entertaining. Not unlike LEO, they are spot on again.

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