Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Just a Little Favorite Tune

Guster Satellite EPGuster is releasing the Satellite EP: 8 songs for 8 bucks. Guster fans, you read about it here. Guster says you can pre-order it here.

Guster provides a bit more insight into the EP:

Bullet Point 1. As those of you followed the studio journal know, this is only half of Guster's current b-side treasury. The rest of the album rejects will hopefully see the light of day some time in the near future too.

Bullet Point 2. The Satellite EP is entirely carbon-neutral. The carbon emissions from the manufacturing process have been offset with renewable energy credits, and the ink used on the package was soy ink. Go Adam, go!

Bullet Point 3. You might recognize that "I'm Through" has a very familiar verse melody ... the song was discarded and used for parts and eventually re-built into "C'mon." We thought you might like a small window into our songwriting process. Enjoy that small window.

Guster is also cruising with Barenaked Ladies again next year, January 27-February 1. Guster knows you like to party with the guys from Barenaked Ladies.


Me gusta, Guster.

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