Thursday, February 15, 2007

What a Feeling in My Soul

Aqualung Pressure SuitAqualung is releasing their (his) second release in the states (third overall) on March 13. It's called Memory Man and the first single is Pressure Suit. Stream it here. Download it here.

The first US release, Strange & Beautiful, was a compilation of his first two British releases. Man, I hate when they do that. It's so condescending. Anyway, in the lowly, ignorant states, the Scrubsian Brighter Than Sunshine was the hit and it was quite delightful.

It's awfully pleasant music. It's the aughts noughties noughts zeroes - oh hell, this decade's version of soft rock I'd say. Nice headphone music when you're sitting on your third flight of the day waiting to get back to your non-hub hometown. From what I've heard of Pressure Suit, it sounds like another batch of the same.

These are all compliments by the way. Not everything has to be chock full of hooks, harmonies, and riffs. Nicely simple and lush tunes have their place.

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