Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Let's Go Crazy

Prince's Penis GuitarWTF? Seriously, people are pissed off about Prince's halftime performance at Sunday's ill-fated Superbowl? For a split second during the very cool part of the performance when his shadow was projected on a giant curtain, some idiot prudes claim it was too phallic for a Superbowl audience. NFL Spokesman Greg Aiello had this to say about the alleged pocket rocket:

"It's a guitar."
I'm pretty sure Aiello should win some best spokesperson award for stating the goddamn obvious truth.

In fact, my kids were even watching part of the performance because it was quite a spectacle. Did they see this part and say, "Daddy, why does that man have a giant, curly, devilishly-pointed penis?" No, of course not. And even if they did, I would laugh and tell them nobody has a penis like that. Hey, use everything as an opportunity for a lesson.

Prince's performance was awesome and has inspired me to track down some greatest hits of one of the greatest performers of my generation. Now that idiots have claimed another Janet Jackson boob-like fiasco, I just can't wait to see who they get next year for halftime.

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