Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All I Needed Was to Hear What I'm Feeling

The Changes Today is TonightA new love to share: The Changes. Their debut full-length Today is Tonight was released in the last quarter of 2006, but I just picked it up last night. After listening to the first half, I'm glad I did. It's lush and a bit sugary at times, but the hooks are right on and there's enough power to keep it from going mush. I can't help but hear a bit of Lightning Seeds and early Crowded House in it, but it doesn't succumb fully to that retro love. It's a well-balanced mix of that sound with more modern tweaks that made The Postal Service's debut so refreshing. This is a great CD so far and I can't wait to spend much more time with it.

Naturally, this personal discovery comes just three days after a performance in Iowa City. Sigh. They'll be back.

Oh, and another bonus: they're from Chicago. Gotta love my hometown music scene (Material Issue anyone?).

Official site

MP3: The Changes - When I Wake (scroll down, via)

UPDATE: The second half lost me a bit, although there are some good tunes on it. The song Twilight, though, is a near atrocity with its disco-lite sound. Blech. Upon repeated listens, The Changes are beginning to remind me of Tahiti 80, Phoenix, and at times The Ocean Blue and Riverside. That's a compliment.

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