Monday, January 01, 2007

We drank a toast to innocence we drank a toast to time

Comeback Album:
Gin Blossoms: Major Lodge Victory

Most Disappointing Release:
Live: Songs From Black Mountain

Best New Discovery:
Blue October: Foiled

Best Beatles-Related Album:
The Beatles: Love

Most Annoying Song:
James Blunt: You're Beautiful

Most Amazing Rediscovery:
Josh Clayton-Felt: Spirt Touches Ground (lead singer of School of Fish)

Most Amazing Tribute Album
L.E.O.: Alpacas Orgling

Can't Stopping Listening Release:
Modern Skirts: Catalogue of Generous Men

Stupidest Song:
Neil Diamond: Oh Mary

Best Jellyfish-Related Release:
Roger Joseph Manning: Solid State Warrior/The Land of Pure Imagination

Best Power-Pop Release:
Wisely: Parador

Best Podcast:
The Onion

Best & Most Surprising Duet:
Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoff: Under The Covers Volume 1

Most Boring Album:
Keane: Under the Iron Sea

Album with the most potential not listened to yet:
The Charlatans U.K.: Simpatico

Prettiest Voice:
Hayley Westenra: Odyssey

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
Modern Skirts: Seventeen Dirty Magazines
L.E.O.: Goodbye Innocence
Gin Blossoms: Jet Black Sunrise
Gin Blossoms: The End of the World
Modern Skirts: City Lights
Guster: Satellite
The Muppets: Rainbow Connections
Roger Joseph Manning Jr.: Too Late For Us Now
Guster: Lightning Rod
Wisely: This Is Everything

Best Recommendation by TooPoppy:
Jon Auer: Songs from the Year of Our Demise

Most Emotional Moment:
Andy Sturmer's Voice: L.E.O.: Goodbye Innocence

Most Promising of 2007 sor far:
Pernice Brothers: Live A Little

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