Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Nightmare Is Supposed to End

NeverEnding StoryOne unsung great thing about being a parent is inflicting sharing your favorite childhood pop culture moments on with your kids. Tonight I introduced my kids to The NeverEnding Story. And they liked it, they really really liked it. My son made the same mistake I did though. Literally an hour into the movie, he called Atreyu a girl. Luckily, he had me to correct him. It took seeing the movie another three times before I figured it out.

So, the music connection? C'mon, like you need to ask. You'll be singing "The NeverEnding Stoooooreeeee" for the next 48 hours. Did you know that song was by Limahl, who has also recorded under, get ready for it, Kajagoogoo. YES! Too Shy anyone? That's a twofer. And of course there was the stellar disco mofo Giorgio Moroder soundtrack that reeked of pure 80s fantasy movie cheese. Moroder was also responsible for some music in another favorite childhood guilty pleasure, Electric Dreams (Together in Electric Dreams!! Come on, you know it! Sing along!). It'll be a few years before I subject treat my kids to that one.

Ok, so the legit too poppy reason for this post? I had Rooney's I'm Shakin' in my head through the whole movie. "This was so because I watched all day the NeverEnding Story with Atreyu." What a great pop album. What the hell happened to them? Looks like they've squandered away some good will by showing up on soundtracks. At least they toured with Ben Lee last year, but a new album might be a good thing.

Back to the movie: so how long before a remake? And I don't mean some shitty sequel that should've never been made.

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