Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I've Just Got to Find a Way to Let You Know I'm Not Like Them

Meet the Smithereens!In stores today is the track-by-track, note-by-frickin'-note tribute to Meet the Beatles! by the Smithereens. It's appropriately titled Meet the Smithereens! Now you can preview a few tracks here. Look, I love both bands and it's a cool idea (particularly from the Beatle-lovin' musicians' points of view), but I can't help scratch my head and say, "really?" By calling it Meet the Smithereens!, aren't they implying that this is a good introduction to the band that has been around over 20 years? I haven't heard the whole album, but honestly, the best introduction to the Smithereens would be Especially For You, their outstanding full-length debut, or one of their biggest commercial successes 11. I appreciate the nostalgia and the novelty of one of my favorite bands covering a full album of another of my favorite bands, but in the end, it just seems completely unnecessary. Allmusic does an excellent job of summing up my feelings. I would've preferred a new album of original material, which hopefully is in the works.

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