Friday, January 19, 2007

If You Ain't No Punk Holla We Want Pre-nup

Kanye "George Bush hates black people" West is again working with too poppy stud producer Jon Brion for West's new album Graduation that is expected to be released late this year. West about Brion:

"Jon wasn't just a producer -- he was such a good friend and a great person to bounce ideas off of in the studio. It was the whole experience."
Chris Martin of Coldplay is playing the role of ubiquitous Brit-pop-star-rap-album-guest on Graduation just as he did for Jay-Z's "comeback" album. Man, he's just become insufferable since marrying his likewise insufferable soul-mate Gwyneth. What a waste. Coldplay's debut was awesome and so full of promise (Yellow!). Now Martin writes horrific mixed bags of crap like Fix You (despite the stellar last third of the song). Que lastima.

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