Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Dreamt About a Tranquil Sunday Drive, a Sensory Lullaby

Jellyfish Tribute Sensory LullabiesLove to share Jellyfish-related news!

First, I finally received my TV Eyes Japanese self-titled release. You may or may not remember that 2/3 of TV Eyes consists of former Jellyfishers Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Jason Falkner. I'm only about halfway through and I already knew three of the songs I've listened to, but it's awesome. It's total 80s new wave synthy stylings, but it's much truer to that sound than newer bands like The Killers and Interpol. Very cool. Can't wait to listen to the rest.

Speaking of Jason Falkner, his new album is finished (as of October) and he's currently shopping it around in hopes of an early 2007 release. It's been a long time since his last one so this is definitely welcome news.

Finally, this summer we'll see a full-blown Jellyfish tribute album featuring Bellybutton and Spilt Milk in their entirety. No word yet on who and exactly when, and I wouldn't expect big names, but there is a special page on that MySpace everyone is talking about. Evidently, this will be one of the artists on the release. Sounds great! Might be an awesome way to discover new Jellyfish-loving talent!

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