Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Everyone is Hiding Something Ugly

KennaI can't believe it was four years ago that Kenna released New Sacred Cow. I think everyone expected a much better commercial response to it, but I think it was a bit ahead of its time. It's very beat heavy but grounded in melody (Hey Ya! could have easily been a Kenna tune, but his version would've been much less annoying). The best tunes were easily the new-wavish single Freetime and my favorite, Vexed and Glorious. He toured with Depeche Mode and then just seemed to disappear.

I was watching TV the other night and heard music that suspiciously sounded like Kenna. Then I saw a logo that looked suspiciously like Kenna's. Then I saw a guy on stage that looked suspiciously like Kenna. Then I realized, not surprisingly, that this was Kenna .... in a PSP commercial.

The new single (released in December online) is called Out of Control and it's not bad. It certainly grows on you after a few listens but it's not as instant as some of the tunes on New Sacred Cow. You can download from iTunes or listen to it at hisspace, which unfortunately seems to be the only place that has current Kenna info. You can also watch the PSP commercial on hisspace. This guy's worth a little time. I'm anxious to hear a new full-length album, but I can't find anything on that.

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