Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things Are Gonna Change So Fast

Tori AmosYou know you're getting old when artists that you liked when you were in college are releasing box sets! Congratulations to Tori Amos for having a significant enough of a career up to this point to justify a five-disc set complete with 86 songs including studio releases, b-sides, and other rarities. Honestly, I haven't listened to Tori much in the past 10 years (her last few albums kinda lost me), but I did see her in Ames forever ago and she was quite a talent. May have to dust off the CDs and get them on the iPod.

Speaking of Tori's box set, stereogum has a contest to win it. Not too tough. Just tell 'em your favorite Tori tune. I picked Winter, which is certainly one of them.

Download a couple Tori Christmas tunes at Curiously Tasty Music.
Download A Tori Amos Collection-Tales of a Librarian (her previously released compilation) via iTunes.
Buy A Piano: The Collection from Amazon.com to get the nifty piano packaging.

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