Monday, December 18, 2006

Oh Can't You See What Love Has Done?

Not sure what to make of the new U2 video for their new tune Window in the Skies from their new album OU812 -er- I mean, U218. The song is a mediocre representation of everything U2 has done post-Pop, not to insinuate there haven't been high points (I still think All That You Can't Leave Behind is nearly a masterpiece representing a moment in time - a musical harbinger of post-9-11-ism).

Anyway, the video is quite creative. It is a wonder of editing that showcases musical icons lip-syncing to the tune. The rights to all that footage couldn't have been cheap, but then again, U2 is certainly not cash poor. I'm just not sure what to take away from it. The members of U2 are seen throughout as members of the audience. So, is the idea that the song is so great that it is worthy of performance by musical greats, many posthumously? Or is it that the song is representative of the band's musical influences? Or is it that some music video editor wanted to pad his portfolio with an edit-intensive video for one of the most successful rock artists of all time?

Now I've gone and written too much. Watch for yourself:

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