Thursday, November 16, 2006

Slip Inside This Dream of Mine

Jenna in JaneWisely has a new video for the title song of his latest CD Parador. I'm not a fan of videos for the most part, but watching the video reminded me how much I enjoy this song. It's definitely worth checking out if you're not against inky boobies.

In other Wisely news, he has a new tune with who seems to be his best friend Andy Dick ... and it's a Christmas song. Download Happy B-Day JC via iTunes. Also in Dick news, Wisely is producing his music CD that will come out sometime next year. That should be ... something.

And finally, the best Wisely news. Evidently Jenna Fischer (aka Pam in The Office) will be starring in Wisely's video for Through Any Window. No word on whether inky boobies will be involved, but regardless I can't wait.

MP3: Wisely - Through Any Window (demo)

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