Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maybe You're the Same as Me

Several notable compilations are in stores today:

The Beatles - Love
It's actually less a compilation and more of an incestuous mash-up, although this reviewer thought it fails to be that interesting. I do wish this was something done around the time of the Anthology releases, or at least with McCartney's participation, because I worry that George Martin, as the Beatles long-time producer, and with help from his son, might be too reverent to their source material. Despite criticisms that he's prissy, McCartney does dabble in the experimental side of music more so than the other Beatles ever did (Fireman, Liverpool Sound Collage). Nonetheless, Love is what it is and I for one can't wait to listen.

U218U218 Singles (deluxe version)
After two fairly complete compilations, U2 decided to capitalize on their success in the oughts with an album that weighs heavily with the love-it-or-leave-it All That You Can't Leave Behind. Considering many only buy the greatest hits package and leave the albums to the true fans, it's a tragedy that so much of their earlier career is left off in lieu of the new U2, which is really only a U2 trying to be the old U2. Nonetheless, it's U2 all the same and any fan will likely enjoy this compilation.

Oasis - Stop the Clocks
Not unlike how U2 kept their old tunes off, Oasis stuck with tunes from their peak (Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory era). In fact, their crappiest record, Be Here Now, doesn't even have a track represented on this collection. So, if you're buying a holiday present for anybody who once sang along to Wonderwall (how can you not?!), then this will be an excellent choice and will likely turn them on to lesser known Oasis classics.

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